Electric Daisy Flower Farm Self Care Kit


After the couple of years we have all had, we know we need to look after ourselves. Self care should be a vital part of our daily routine. At Electric Daisy Flower Farm, we enjoy dark chocolate after our meal. We use the delicious smelling handmade soap to wash our grubby hands and we look after them with the fabulous propolis hand cream. When we kick back and relax we light our 100% beeswax candle and dream of sending postcards.

This Self Care kit makes a perfect gift for friends and family or dare we say it….. yourSELF!


Chocolarder - Pure dark chocolate
Soap folk - spiced apple scented soap
Bee Inspired - Propolis Hand cream
Five Bees Yard - Beeswax Apothecary container candle with wooden lid
Wooden postcard 
Canvas Tote Bag 

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