The Hive of Activity

According to the dictionary a Hive is ‘a place in which people are busily occupied’, or it’s a Beehive. We do have actual honey bees working on the farm, but their hive is a co-operative owned solely by the bees. By that I mean we leave them to it, we don’t take their honey. We have already posted a story about how we help them to be their best selves, so now, I’m going to talk about the farm and how it functions as a highly organised entity where people are busily occupied.  Like the bees we work separately, but we are united in our common effort for the greater good of the hive. And now we're looking for more people to join us.

We all have job titles at Electric Daisy Flower Farm. I’m Queen Bee, although I share that name with our Head Gardener who is actually called Bee, and really deserves the title. Jane is Head of Propagation or HOP and she can mostly be found coaxing seeds in the propagating tunnel, with Claire her trusty assistant. 

Imagine the farm on a warm summer's day. From where I’m sitting in the cool comfort of the Shepherds hut I can see Lu our volunteer watering perennials, why hasn’t she got a hat on? Claire is on her hands and knees in the Rose beds dead heading and collecting petals for drying. Jane has just joined her. I hope they are discussing pests and diseases, but I can’t hear them. Bee is out of sight planting up the freshly built raised beds in the Tea Garden. She’s putting in all the aromatic herbs and shrubs that we use in our bouquets and that will form the basis for our new range of herbal tisanes.

Sammy - Head of Infrastructure and Maintenance or HIM, looks after all the housekeeping on the farm with Rob, and Piers. Today Sammy is at the dump disposing of all the ridiculous plastic packaging that our horticultural supplies arrive in. Note to self… in our striving to be plastic free we need to pass this disaster back to the suppliers so that they can sort it before it arrives on our farm.

Piers is also off site today working on the first Electric Daisy Flower Farm Pod cast with Bee’s partner Robin. They are curating and collating the sound of bees and making a mesmerising oral record of flower farm life.

When the school hand bell is rung at 1pm we all down tools and head into the kitchen for lunch. Magda and Rosie have been making behind the scenes things happen in the office and they join us as we all come together over some fresh vegetables that we have grown amongst the flower beds.

We toil away at our own specific tasks keeping our little enterprise flourishing. Growing the best flowers for our shop in Highgate and making this hive-life work. And just before I get up from my writing desk in the shepherds hut I look up to see the real bees coming in and out of their tree trunk hive that we have strapped to the ancient Oak tree. Life is good.

If you are looking for a change in pace and you think you might fit in with our team of happy horticulturalists and florists please email and let her know which role you might be interested in. We are only looking for people who live locally to the location they are applying to. 

At our shop at 3 Swain's Lane, Highgate, London, N6 6AG we have the following posts:

  • Shop manager 
  • Part time florists

At our farm in Faulkland, Somerset, BA3, we have the following posts:

  • Flower pickers
  • Handyperson/ maintenance person
  • Occasional van drivers



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