Our new flower farm

Our news is a bit epic…. we have finally found a farm!

Like all good business ideas, Electric Daisy Flower Farm looked alright on paper, but we needed to just get on and do it.

Research had taken about a year, a sort of road trip around the UK visiting flower farmers like Green & Gorgeous and Common Farm Flowers, wonderful gardens like Great Dixter, Sissinghurst, and inspirational nurseries like The Beth Chatto Gardens and Derry Watkins at specialplants.net

Our farm finally became more than just an idea on paper in March 2015 when I took a tiny plot within a local poultry farmer’s walled garden. I outgrew the plot within a couple of months and over the next few years have mercilessly edged and shoved vegetables out of their existing garden, totally taking over with flowers.

While making gradual land grabs on the farm I was always searching for somewhere to call home, spending hours, days, probably months trawling the internet until my eyes bled, trying to find the perfect solution.

But it’s been a bit like Goldilocks and the three bears… nowhere was just right. We’ve looked at fields that were too sloping, too windy, too big, or with footpaths going through the middle. We’ve found perfect sites that were in AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) making them impossible to develop. We’ve looked at smallholdings with difficult access, and a Christmas tree plantation with no access at all. We nearly did a land share with a local cricketer until the parcel of land on offer shrunk to a postage stamp, and we almost took on the Duke of Somerset’s walled garden, but at the last minute there were paperwork complications.

We have had brides visiting us, even though our farmer’s muck spreaders were parked smack bang next to the flower beds. One year it looked as if it had snowed until we realised everything was covered in a fine coating of white feathers from slaughtered ducks. We’ve found more dead rats among the flower beds than has been strictly romantic and we have slipped and slithered in the winter mud bath more than we have enjoyed. We’ve grown and grown our way out of the walled garden….

For nearly four years we have been pushing at the door of fate, which stayed firmly locked. It’s been deeply frustrating, fighting for space to grow flowers and looking for somewhere to invite clients, working out of the walled garden and from our garage and kitchen at home.

Finally the door has opened, and we have a farm and a venue. We have our Goldilocks plot that is not too sloppy nor too noisy. We have access and we own the land, so we can make it as perfect as possible. We have moved out of the walled garden and we are well underway with laying the beds for planting our two and a half acres.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m ready now and we are going into the next season full of ideas and plans. We are so excited to show you what we do. Next year will be a non stop open days and flowery fun so watch this space for developments and sign up to our newsletter for further updates on the progress of the new farm.

P.S I’m keeping a diary documenting the birth of a flower farm, so who knows….. maybe the next bestselling gardening book?