Four Seasons Flower Farming

We honestly planned to get a program of workshops started on the farm in our first year, but as we all know, events got in the way and dreams of sharing our love of growing organic flowers were dashed.

But like a phoenix from the ashes we rise again with renewed vigour and, as it turns out, with even more experience than we had before the pandemic started.

Our unique business, growing organic flowers in Somerset to supply our own boutique flower shop in Highgate, is something to shout about. Our USP is so rich and authentic that we really want to share it. Nobody else in the country is doing what we do.

No one has written the book for our business. Florists import flowers in the winter while we sell sticks and twigs. Nobody is crazy enough to be as hard line as we are. But we are proud of our authenticity and we want to change the way cut flowers are perceived, not just in the winter but all year around.

We decided to offer our Four Seasons Flower Farm Mentoring course. We invite you to our Somerset farm in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter for in-person practical learning days where we will look at our organic garden practices and share our knowledge and skills with you.

We will show you first-hand how we make things work here on our no-dig, off-grid, Soil Association organic farm. There will be recipes for comfrey tea and seaweed feed, and handouts for the botanical tonics we use, such as mustard caliente. There will be lists of cover crops that work for our succession plantings, and we’ll explain biological controls that work for us.

With twenty years of organic flower farming experience between us, Jane, Bee and I will show you the snakes and ladders of horticulture. We will share the trials and tribulations of our flower farming journey so that you can and learn from our mistakes and fast-track your own progress.

We will give you lists of suppliers, sowing schedules and succession planting charts. And when we start talking in acronyms like SOPs and COPs you know we are getting professional.

Maybe we are hair shirt, dyed in the wool, committed environmentalists but we want to share our knowledge so that others can follow us. We want to turn the whole world into an organic flower farm so that we can look our grandchildren in the eye.

Sign up if you want to join us on this horticultural adventure.



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I would like to join your workshops .. spring summer autumn winter please

Chrissie Dale March 27, 2022

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