Doing the Right Thing

“Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching…”

With all the corporate greenwashing going on at the moment, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what we've always practised at Electric Daisy Flower Farm, not because we think it will make us more money, but because we know it's the right thing to do.  

Environmental impact:

Our farm practices No-Dig. We are fully off grid with a solar chiller to store our flowers in, and an LED propagation unit to get our seedlings going in the spring. We make our own comfrey plant feed, and all our spent plants go to make our own compost. We have planted hundreds of trees on our one hectare site, dug a wildlife pond and put wild hives up for the bees. We have no single use plastic anywhere in the business. 

Because we work with the seasons, and we don’t have heated greenhouses, we have no fresh cut flowers in the winter. Instead we get creative with evergreen material and we use the dried flowers that we stored in the summer. We work with what we have, and we are educating our customers to appreciate what is available rather than what is imported from overseas.

All of our flowers are sold in our flower shop in Highgate. The cut stems from our bouquets come back to the farm and get composted.

Social impact: 

We are members of the Living wage foundation and we make sure that everyone on our small team feels valued and appreciated. We have a programme of professional development so that everyone is continually learning while they work. As a team we attend annual conferences like Oxford Real Farming Conference and Flowers From The Farm. We are part of FFTF diversity program and we have a mentee who comes to the farm once a month to learn with us.

We employ local people to the farm in Somerset and the shop in Highgate. We have just started the Kickstart process to get an apprentice onto the farm and help show young people that horticulture is a viable career path.

We keep chickens and grow vegetables on the farm and always cook lunch together, both at the farm and in the shop. We employ an independent HR consultant to make sure we are up to date with all the current employment laws. We have a comprehensive staff handbook and a Health and Wellbeing protocol for every member of the team.


Corporate responsibility:

 We are a limited company with no hidden off-shore bank accounts, so our taxes are paid appropriately. We have an independent accountant to keep our finances in order.

We are open and transparent with our team about the trials and tribulations of running a business and we work together to come up with creative ways to make it work.

We even dream about doing the right thing…ultimately, we would like to become a B-Corp business that is employee owned.

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